G'day and Welcome to Work In Australia!

Australia is well known for it's relaxed 'she'll be right mate' attitude and prides itself in being a laid back, low stress, fun loving, happy country where the landscape dominates and delivers the most outstanding natural beauty over a vast expanse.

It is certainly possible to visit and work in Australia, but of course certain criteria must be met BEFORE you arrive in Australia looking for work. The very first thing you need is a working holiday visa, so we recommend you head on over to our Quick Visa Assessment page and take advantage of this easy to use resource.

The work available in Australia is extremely varied and we will provide links to the best online locations to look for work that suits your skills, abilities or professional career. Australia is particularly short of Nurses and Tradesmen, so if you fall into either category you will be spoiled for choice of employment opportunities.

There's no doubt that you will have a fantastic adventure while you are in Australia – it's a journey of a lifetime and one that you will no doubt remember for a lifetime! There's plenty of work in Australia, so come on downunder and have a great time!

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