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The Responsible Service Of Alcohol Certificate Across Australia

In Australia there is a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate. Every Australian state and territory has slightly different requirements because they all have their own individual liquor governing body. Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) provide the RSA training, which is a unit of competency Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITHFAB009A).

This is a nationally accredited unit, meaning it is in part - or in some cases wholly - an RSA qualification in other states and territories, depending which state you're going to or underwent training in. In Western Australia and the Northern Territory a Statement of Attainment for completing the Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol unit is an accepted RSA certificate. In Victoria you can complete the unit anywhere in Australia also, but you also need to complete the State's Director of Liquor Licensing approved free, online refresher course. In South Australia you can complete the unit anywhere and accredit the Statement of Attainment toward your application to become an Approved Responsible Person.

In Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Australia Capital Territory the individual liquor governing bodies, in each state or territory, need to individually accredit an RTO before it's able to deliver the RSA certificate needed in those areas. The RTOs can provide the training online or in person, both means of delivery - online and in person - contain the exact same course content and modules. In person the RSA training is delivered in a traditional classroom type setting, it can take between three and six hours to complete the training and at the end of the course, the RTO trainer will provide you with your RSA certificate.

Online the RSA training is delivered at an RTO's online training, or E-learning, website. The materials are delivered via on screen instruction, audio and video and there is an online help or live chat mechanism for if you run into trouble. At the end of your online training you're able to print out your RSA certificate.

The RSA training teaches staff involved in the sale or service of alcohol:

• How to responsibly prepare alcoholic beverages

• How to responsibly serve alcoholic beverages

• How to encourage responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages

• How to assist someone who has over-consumed alcoholic beverages

• When it is appropriate to refuse someone service

As such, the RSA training teaches important tools of the trade. It's more than a license entitling you to work behind a bar, it's teaching best practice and encouraging a safe community attitude toward alcohol consumption.

Many liquor authorities have announced that they introduced the mandatory training to see a safer community attitude toward alcohol, and to see best practice happening within all licensed venues, minimising harm.

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