Long Stay Visa

Work In Australia With A Long Stay Visa

The Long Stay visa is an Employer Sponsored Visa which allows the successful applicant to be sponsored by an Australian Employer for a period of up to 4 years. One of the conditions attached to a  Long Stay Visa is that you must gain employment with an Australian Employer before you actually apply for the Visa. This is not as hard as it sounds, and can easily be taken care of through our partners at National Visas.

They will be very pleased to here from you if you are a qualified Nurse or Allied Heath Professional as they have sponsors waiting for you to take up a work opportunity in Australia.

For information on Nurses Pay Rates and Conditions in the New South Wales Public Health System, please go to: 

If you hold a Long Stay Visa, you are required to work for the nominated employer who is offering you work in your desired occupation. If you decide to leave your job (or your employer ceases to be able to employ you), you legally have 28 days to find a new position within Australia, and within your chosen occupation before you have breached of your visa conditions.

If you decide to change employers, and still have a current valid Long Stay Visa you are not required to apply for a new Visa. Under these circumstances a nomination must be lodged and approved by your new sponsor (your new employer).

Please contact National Visas on the link above if you would like them to source an employer to sponsor you for work in Australia within your chosen occupation.  

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