Work In Sydney Australia

Sydney is one of Australias major international entry points and is the capital city of New South Wales. Employment opportunities in Sydney, are many and varied. Sydney is located on the East Coast and is a modern metropolitan city offering a vibrant and diverse cultural base. The hospitality and tourism industry are major employers, and visitors looking to work in Australia, and in Sydney in particular, will be well rewarded.

Sydney is famous for its Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Taronga Park Zoo. Sightseeing is plentiful in this part of the world and you will enjoy magnificent scenery around the Harbour foreshores. Fishing is also a popular activity on Sydney Harbour together with other recreational activities such as Sailing, Kayaking, and the iconic Harbour Bridge Climb.

Other ways to find work:
  • backpackers will find lots of work information job boards at backpackers accommodation, which are prevalent throughout Sydyney city
  • Job Network Employment Service Providers are dotted all over the city such as: Job Find, Mission Australia, Manpower, Hays, etc. If you do a search on the internet using these words: employment service Sydney, you will find even more.
  • Visit a Centrelink office. Centrelink is the Australian governments social security department, which offers an enormous range of services to assist people in many different situations. If you see a Centrelink sign like the one below, just walk in and use the self serve job find touch screen computers, to see what jobs are available in your area.

Centerlinks website is: They deal mostly with social security benefits.

However if you would like to search online before you leave home, or even when you arrive, you will need to go to this website which is one of Australias largest free online jobs board I'm sure you will find it very helpful. Check out the 'harvest trail' while you are there, it provides work opportunities throughout Australia and has information on how to follow the trail to and from harvest seasons around the country. It's a great way to plan your trip!

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