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How To Do A Paid Gap Year

Gap year should give us an opportunity to travel around the would for free. Travel around the world would give us a chance to see new places and discover new culture. After all we get home full of experience about other nation and culture.

Alas, the vast majority of us must scrimp and save before we have the funds to visit far-flung places around the world.But, an innovative and rewarding way of travelling the globe is by gaining employment whilst on a gap year experience.

The most common countries for gaining employment include Australia and New Zealand and both of these countries require non-citizens to apply for work visas if you intend on working whilst the If you are looking into working whilst travelling then you must apply for your work visa well in advance of your travel date. This is because of the time it can take for your application to be approved by the relevant authorities. The Australian working visa is the most common working visa in the World and it costs around £220.

Once you have your working visa for Australia or New Zealand, the best way of picking up work is by applying once you are out there. You could look for any type of work, but for assured casual work your best bet is to head to to areas that specialise in fruit growing and farming. Farms that grow exotic fruits are always on the look-out for workers who are willing to put in hard work for a short amount of time for reasonably decent pay. You could also head towards a ranch and help out farmers in day-to-day dealings with their cattle heards.

There are also programmes specialising in providing work to gap year travellers. These schemes often require applicants to pay a fee upfront but you will find that you are amongst like-minded gap year students so you'll be given plenty of fulfilling work whilst still being given the chance to socialise and enjoy your surroundings. These programmes take the stress away from searching for employment as you can relax in the knowledge that there is a position waiting for you upon arrival.

Another idea for gap year employment lies in gaining work in hostels as you travel. Hostel fees can be a drain on your funds but by offering your services for cleaning, reception work and general maintenance, many hostel owners will let you sleep in return for as long as you like. You will find that this form of work is relatively easy to come by in places such as Thailand and Australia where demand for work is always high, especially in peak travel months.

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