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Surefire Ways to Find the Right Recruitment Agency

A time-saving, energy-saving and smart way to find new employment is to use a recruitment agency, and there are lots of Australians looking for work who are using this service. There should be no fee to you, the client, and it should offer you options of different job opportunities without much work on your part (beyond putting together your resume). When you enrol with a recruitment agency you will not have to search advertisements for work. Additionally, many very lucrative employment offers aren't published in the newspapers at all, but are handed to recruitment agencies to locate the right employee to fill the vacancy.

It should be free to you, the client, and will hopefully offer you choices of many great employment opportunities without much work on your part (beyond assembling a resume).

If you sign on with a recruitment agency you can save time by not having to search advertisements for a job. Plus, a lot of very attractive job offers aren't listed in the newspapers at all, but are given to recruitment agencies to find the right person to fill the position.

If you're an independent contractor, a recruitment agency can be beneficial in not only finding you work, but also by covering your insurance, which can be costly. The agency works the insurance and other fees needed to be covered into their fee that's paid by the client—a big plus for you!

Another advantage is the agency can and will look for your next contracted job whilst you're working on this one. You can stop worrying about where the money is coming from next month and get on with the work.

With over 3,000 recruitment agencies in Australia, there are plenty to choose from—which means there's plenty of opportunity for you to pick one that's not right for you. How do you find the best recruitment agency for your requirements?

Know What You Want.
Recruitment agencies come in all shapes and sizes, which can work to your advantage if you know what sort of job you're looking for, and which would suit better.

A smaller recruitment agency will have a smaller number of consultants that tend to specialise. These consultants will deal with your paperwork more hands-on but may have less job opportunities to present to you because they don't have the volume. If you're looking for a job in a speciality field you might want to go with a smaller agency.

A larger recruitment agency will usually have more diversity in job opportunities but you will get less attention from a consultant. On the other hand, they also have a larger client-base, meaning more jobs listed as well. If you're desperate and want a job to get food on the table go with the larger firm to get faster results.

Now with the popularity of the internet, recruitment agencies are doing more and more on the web. Employers are going online to look for people to fill positions, as are people that want the jobs to begin with. It's a win-win situation, and recruitment agencies are there to help.

If you're comfortable conducting business online and want an agency that deals online, you might want to inquire if that is an available service before choosing a particular agency. Agencies that deal with clients online could increase your success in the job market as they'd have leads to international positions as well as local.

Can You Shop Around?
Absolutely, look at different recruitment agencies to see which fit your needs best. However, keep track of which ones you send your resume to and in what capacity. An employer doesn't like to see your name come in for a job six or seven times. Knowing which agencies have what information on you will help keep your profile out there, without flooding someone's desk.

Look For Experience.
A recruitment agency can help you find temporary or permanent work for the positions you desire, as long as they deal with finding work in that field to begin with. Usually, recruitment agencies deal with the same companies over and over, especially if they're good at finding employees and the company is satisfied.

You'll need to know who they work with and if they have experience in locating jobs in your type of work. If the recruitment agency deals mainly with technology-based jobs and you're a looking for construction work, then the recruitment agency may not be right for you.

Visit a Consultant.
When you've located various agencies, contact them to book an appointment with a member of staff in each agency to find out more about them. After all, they're handling your career and their company will be the first contact a company has with you. You are entitled to know if you are going to get on with their company or should you look elsewhere.

Ask About the Details.
Most recruitment agencies take care of important aspects of hiring, such as payroll tax and superannuation, liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance. Ensure that these issues are looked after if you are hiring on with a recruitment company. You don't want to be involved in an accident and discover you're not insured by the employer or the agency!

Ask About Career Counselling.
A great plus in a recruitment agency is the ability to have them act as a career counsellor. A lot of recruitment companies will offer their clients services to help them further themselves and make their job search more successful. Programmes such as further training, counselling and re-training for new careers can put you back on the right track to finding a job.

Ask About Privacy.
You know you're probably going to be researched before being put into the database or in the queue for a job, but do you know if the company is discreet and confidential in their processes?

Ensure that your personal details are going to be held securely because of the increase in identity theft and other crimes. It is sensible to ask the agency how they intend to keep your identity and you protected.

You should know how your recruitment agency is getting paid before you sign on with them. Your employer (the client) is charged a fee by the agency for finding you. The fee is a percentage of your hourly or yearly salary. This fee should not come from your cheque but be charged directly to the employer. Make sure before signing on with a recruitment agency that their client (your future employer) is paying them—not you!

Look for Affiliation.
Does the agency have any affiliations, like with the Recruiting and Consultancy Services Association? These affiliations set a higher standard for the agencies associated with them.

In Closing.
If you're in need of new employment, want to test the waters for a potential change or you're looking for any old job, a recruitment agency can be the perfect way to go. Just make sure you ask the correct questions to make sure you're signing with an agency that will work the best for you and help you get the job of your dreams.

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