What Is A Working Holiday?

How to plan an Australian working holiday?

In answer to your question: What is a working holiday? It is a great way to fund your living expenses while having an adventure of a lifetime!

It sounds like half fun and half work, and that is exactly what a working holiday is. Countries like Australia and New Zealand are keen for visitors to come downunder and stay for 12mths whilst working for half that time. Of course anyone wanting to do this will need to apply for a working holiday visa, and we have made this process easy too - just go to our Quick Visa Assessment page to see if you qualify.

There are many ways to find work in Australia and most people who arrive to work, have no trouble finding employment of one kind or another. The secret to finding employment quickly is to hand out your resume to as many prospective employers as you can as soon as possible, and don't be too fussy about what job you want.

If you have had experience in the Hospitality or Tourism industries your skills will be keenly sought to help cater for the millions of tourists who visit the country each year. Cleaners, hotel staff, kitchen hands, coffee baristas, restaurant staff, chefs, cooks, and tour guides are among the most readily available positions that you will find vacant.

It you prefer the great outdoors and want to experience life in regional or rural Australia, you can choose to follow the Harvest Trail. It is a great way to move around and see the sights while enjoying a true adventure and getting to know the locals at the heart of the Australian lifestyle.

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