How Do I Find Work In Australia?

How to plan an Australian working holiday?

Let's look at a couple of options. You might like to check out my ebook: Work In Australia - Follow The Harvest Trail.

My ebook will give you the information you need to get in touch with the right people who know exactly where workers are needed urgently, at any given time, in every state of Australia. It is by far your best option if you are coming to Australia on a working holiday, or if you want to live and work in rural areas.

The work described in my ebook refers to harvesting produce on farms around Australia and lists detailed information on where crops are grown at what time of the year, together with heaps of other great information.

You might be thinking that people living in these areas would take all the jobs, but this is certainly not the case. I explain it in more detail here.

There is a vast range of produce that needs harvesting, including beans, tea, coffee, mangoes, asparagus, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, grapes, apples, plums, pears etc etc. There are also other logistical jobs on farms, orchards and vineyards that include: pruning trees and vines, packing fruit into boxes, loading trucks, driving trucks, harvesters and other machinery, and perhaps working in the onsite office, cafe or restaurant.

Other Ways To Find Work In Australia
There are also a few other ways to find work including:
  • Backpackers and Hostel job boards
  • Newspapers
  • Walking through major shopping centres looking for 'position vacant' signs in retail shop windows
  • is the most popular website for finding jobs being advertised online throughout Australia.

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