Where To Work In Australia

Where Should I Work In Australia?

That is a question faced by almost all visitors coming to Australia to find a job. Unless you have been to Australia before, you will no doubt be scratching your head to think of a suitable place to start.

My ebook: Work In Australia - Follow the Harvest Trail can put you in touch with people who know exactly where workers are needed urgently.

It will take the guess work out of finding a job and save you many weeks of your valuable time looking for work with no real knowledge of where you should be looking.

You will literally be able to step right in to work as soon as you arrive. With the information you find in my ebook, you can even organise a job before you leave home! The great thing about that is that you can start work immediately and earn the money you need for your holiday without wasting any time at all!

Which Airport Should I Fly Into?
Most people enter Australia through the most popular capital cities: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, which are all on the East Coast of Australia and represent the capitals of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

All three cities offer a great launching pad to your work destination and have great transport options to choose from such as coach and train services. These options are OK but you will be better equipped to get to work if you have your own transport, or at least hire a camper initially.

The reason I recommend buying your own car or camper is that most of the work on the Harvest Trail is obviously going to be on farms where there is little or no public transport. This makes it difficult to get there unless you have your own set of wheels.

If you plan to spend a week or two in the city when you arrive, you may find another traveler who is about to finish their holiday, and have a vehicle to sell before they leave. This is a great way to save yourself some big money because the seller will want to get a sale before they leave the country, and therefore will probably put a very attractive price tag on the vehicle to ensure they make the sale.

A good way to find vehicles like this, is to visit the backpackers and hostels, and read the notice boards. Be sure to 'ask around', as someone is sure to know of someone else who is selling a vehicle which might be suitable for you while you travel and work your way around Australia. Good Luck!

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