10 Free Attractions in Broome, Western Australia

Broome, Kimberley Region, Western Australia
Broome is located on the traditional land of the Yawuru Aboriginal people in the Kimberley Region approximately 2,200 klms North of Perth in Western Australia. It is a pearling town which draws large numbers of tourists mostly through its International Airport. Although many people doing a road trip around Australia also have Broome on their list of places to visit.

Broome provides a great opportunity to experience tropical Australia whilst working in the amazing Kimberley region. The town has a stable population of around 14,000 but during the tourist season numbers increase to around 45,000. Harvest trail work is available picking Mangoes from October to Feb, Melons from June to September, and Citrus from Feb to March each year. More details are available in my ebook: Work In Australia - Follow the Harvest Trail.

There are many free attractions in Broome, so why not save your money, but still see the best that Broome has to offer. The following Top 10 free tourist attractions are well worth a visit!

1. Cable Beach 
Famous cable beach offers 22 kilometres of white sandy beaches and Chrystal clear water, superb swimming, and a perfect view of the sunset over the Indian Ocean. During the day you can enjoy the warm tropical relaxed beach life, hire a jet ski for some exhilarating fun, take a more leisurely boat cruise or enjoy a camel ride at sunset along Cable Beach. Cable beach is located a short drive from Broome along Cable Beach Road West, or you can catch a local bus.

2. Dinosaur Footprints at Anastasia's Pool
Both the Dinosaurs footprints which are thought to be 130 million years old, and Anastasia’s pool are tourist attractions in their own right and are located on Gantheaume Point Road, Broome.

The dinosaur footprints can only be viewed at very low tide (the Information Centre has tide times available), or you can see a plaster cast of the footprints at any time at the Gantheaume Point Road Lookout.

Anastasia’s pool is a historical natural pool which was modified by a previous Lighthouse Keeper for his wife Anastasia who suffered from arthritis but gained relief from the soothing waters of the warm Indian Ocean. It is filled with fresh sea water daily at high tide.

3. Broome Bird Observatory
As one of the most significant sites in Australia for viewing shore birds, Broome Bird Observatory, located on Crab Creek Road, should be on your list of places to visit whilst you are in Broome. Roebuck Bay is noted as the only site on earth with as much shorebird species diversity with around 150000 birds visiting every year. The observatory does not charge an entrance fee, but they will appreciate a donation to assist with ongoing maintenance.

4. Buccaneer Rock
You will find Buccaneer Rock opposite the Mangrove Hotel in Carnarvon Street, and is identified by the beacon which has been built atop. It was named after Buccaneer explorer William Dampier. The fable associated with the rock tells of how Dampier buried a treasure chest there, and that his ghost can be seen with a lantern on a misty night while he looks for his treasure.

5. Deep Water Wharf & Jetty
Broome has a fabulous Deep Water Jetty at 401 Port Drive. Take a short walk out along the jetty and you are sure to see both turtles and fish in the magnificent blue water. If you are into fishing, they say that Barramundi are often caught off the jetty. Whether you catch a fish or not, you will be well rewarded with a visit to the delicious seafood cafe nearby which serves up great food at reasonable prices.

6. Djugun Tribal Creations 
Free daily tours of the three studios are available at Djugun Tribal Creations which is a not for profit organisation providing support and training to Broome's emerging Artists at 30 Clementson St. You will see beautiful works from 21 artists including award winning artists Sue Poelina and Miguel Castillion. Enjoy a cultural exchange and watch the artists while they work.

7. Chinatown
Broome is famous for its Pearls and you will find no better than the displays in the shops as you take a stroll through Chinatown in Carnarvon Street. There are wonderful pearl showrooms, cafes, and galleries to enjoy.

The original historic corrugated iron huts from the early days of the ‘pearl rush’ still remain today and are now home to some of the world's finest pearl stores.

8. Flying-Boat Wrecks
Three Royal Dutch Air Force Flying-Boats lay half buried in the mud at Roebuck Bay as a result of a Japanese Air Raid in 1942. They can only be seen at minus tides and it is approximately one kilometre walk to the wrecks. Check tide times at the visitors’ information centre or you can take the Kimberley hovercraft special tour.

9. Ganada
If you are looking for an authentic indigenous art and craft souvenir or a gift for someone back home, you can’t go past Ganada which is located in the Paspaley Plaza Shopping Centre in the heart of Broome at 15-17 Carnarvon Street.

10. Bedford Memorial Park
The Anzac Memorial is the centrepiece of Bedford Park which is located on Hamersley Street, Broome. Views of Roebuck Bay over grassy green lawns are a peaceful way to enjoy the area where you will also find the remains of an historical engine used to drive the life saving decompression chamber for the original pearl divers of Broome. There are several interesting historical plaques dotted throughout the grounds.


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