The Joy Of A Gap Year In Australia

Many students finishing their A-levels decide that they want a break from all the studying and regimentation that it takes to complete there last year and no-one can really blame them. Study has become very demanding and very competitive. It is no wonder that these students seek some freedom for a few months and want to seek some adventure. But the question is often: how to plan an Australian working holiday gap year.

The Land of Oz!

Here are some features this beautiful sun-drenched country has to offer?
  • Limitless sun on long sandy beaches 
  • Surf beaches to equal the world's best 
  • Tropical forests with a range of wildlife seldom seen elsewhere 
  • Vast landscapes that even many Australians have not visited or seen in their life 
  • Beautiful modern cities, but which also have their own unique architecture 
  • A population that has an amazing sense of humor who will laugh at themselves and leave you wondering why they are such a happy lot 
  • Comparatively laid back and know how to enjoy life - they work hard but they play hard too 
Does this sound hard to deal with? NO, you will just love it!

Depending where you are travelling from to Australia you can get travel visas, but from some countries you can also get working visas. So check this out and see what you can apply for.

Australia is a country with a relatively small population and therefore the fruit farms and such places are always looking for casual workers and this is the way many people make their way around the country. Spending a few months here and there, paying their way from farm to farm.

Other work often offered to overseas visitors is work in the hospitality industry, in the cities or on the holiday islands on the Great Barrier Reef or the Gold Coast in Queensland which is a worldwide popular holiday destination.

There are many famous areas to visit in Australia, but as mentioned earlier, Australia is such a large country that getting around can be expensive and time consuming. In saying that, the Australians themselves think nothing of travelling 500Km just for a party at the weekend!

There are many local events and activities held throughout Australia all year round so you might like to check that out as well as they are great fun to attend.

If you ever talk to anyone who has had a working holiday in those early years they just love it and remember if fondly. It is a time when you feel free, alive and just want to experience what the world has to offer.

A word of caution though is no matter where you go, make sure you do it safely, don't ignore the basic rules of 'sticking together'. Life can be so wonderful when all is going well, but no matter where you travel there is always the chance of accidents and there is always the predator. Be safe and enjoy!

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