The Spirit of Adventure

How is YOUR spirit of adventure? 

Australia is known as a destination for adventure. A place to explore and to enrich your experiences in life. To discover something so unique that it will impact on you for a lifetime. That is the spirit of Australia.

Whether you want to work in one place, or travel around the country to see as much of it as you can, there is plenty of jobs available to keep you busy on a working holiday.

Come on downunder and stay while you work, explore, discover and experience this ancient land. Your adventurous spirit will thank you for it! Just click on the Quick Visa Assessment tab above to get started.

I recently came across this quote by David M. Shoup that struck a cord. See if it means something to you and please leave a comment below the post, to tell me what you think... Do you consider yourself a doer?

The galleries are full of critics.
They play no ball, they fight no fights.
They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing.
Down in the arena are the doers.
They make mistakes because they try many things.
The man who makes no mistakes
lacks boldness and the spirit of adventure.
He is the one who never tries anything.
His is the brake on the wheel of progress.
And yet it cannot be truly said he makes no mistakes,
because his biggest mistake
is the very fact that he tries nothing,
does nothing, except criticize those who do things.

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