So What's So Great About Working In Australia?

What's all the hype about working in Australia?

Of course it's not all about work. People are drawn to working in Australia for a variety of reasons.

Apart from comfortable working condtions and great pay rates, Australia offers adventure, incredible
Bondi Beach Sydney Australia
scenery, a laid back lifestyle, fun in the sun, blue waters and often deserted beaches with easy access.

From diving in the warm tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, to having a snowboarding or skiing holiday on the Southern Alps in Victoria. Or hike through ancient forests in a World Heritage National Park. Explore remote rivers on a white water rafting trip in Tasmania, or trek the Great Ocean walk along Australia's Southern coast.

Aboriginal Culture and Heritage

Australia has a rich cultural heritage. The Australian Aborignal people (who have lived on this land for more than 60,000 years), although suffering at the hands of early settlers and various governments, even to this day, are coming forth with pride and expectations of a brighter future.

There are various Aboriginal Cultural Centres around Australia which offer excellent displays, tutorials, guided bush walks, performances and educational opportunities. Two of the best are in North Queensland at Mossman Gorge and Tjapukai in Cairns.

Maybe a camel trek through the Simpson desert is more your style of a 4 wheel drive safari over the rugged Flinders ranges, or surfing at some of the most popular world renowned beaches on the plant like Bells Beach in Victoria. The attractions seem endless.

We also have an interesting, if not bizare collection of wildlife, some of which are not hard to spot in there natural habitat, rather than visiting a zoo. They include: the womat, platypus, koala, kangaroo, various snake, crocodiles, tasmanian devils, kookaburras, brightly coloured parrots, and birds of all shapes and sizes just to name a few.
Australia is a massive country which you will need to consider if you are going to be travelling
around. I know several retirees who travel the country by motorhome or caravan, and some have done the circuit 4 times. They have an awesome time and claim you could never see it all in one lifetime! So you wont be short of amazing things to see and do while working in Australia. Everyone has a unique experience!

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