What Would Your Pay Rate Be in Australia?

Shortage of Skilled Workers in Australia

It's no secret that Australia has a shortage of skilled workers. If you have a tertiary/university
qualification in an industry sector such as healthcare, management, design, mining, engineering, accountancy, architecture, medical, trades qualified and many others, you stand an excellent chance of being granted a Visa to work in Australia.

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What are the Pay Rates for Skilled Workers in Australia?

Different pay rates apply to different industry specific jobs in Australia, there is no one answer to that question as it depends on your area of expertise. To find out what your pay rate would be in Australia please use this link:
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What are the Pay Rates for Unskilled Workers in Australia?

The Minimum Wage in Australia

It is important to know that the following pay rate is generally applicable to unskilled workers, not for skilled workers with qualifications. Positions such as bar staff, cafe workers, cleaners, fruit
pickers, and construction labourers would all qualify for the minimum wage. 

These types of jobs are great for backpackers on a working holiday around Australia, as they are often available in large numbers around the country as staff come and go. Hots spots for this type of work are tourist areas such as Surfers Paradis on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland. Fruit pickers, truck drivers and machinery operators are in demand in regional areas and if you are looking for a job as a construction labourer you should stay close to major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.

From the 1st July 2015 Australia's minimum wage is officially (enforced by law) $656.90 per week. That is $17.29 per hour. A 38hr working week is standard in Australia, however you may be asked to work more or less hours. If you accept a position on a Casual basis (as opposed to permanent or permenat part-time) your pay is likely to be higher but your hours may vary on a daily basis according to your employers needs.

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