Make Money While Traveling

How to make money while traveling?

Yes, it's a good question. You want to travel but you somehow need to fund your wanderlust. You could set up a travel blog, just like hundreds of thousands of others trying to do the same thing, and then work day and night trying to build it up so that it ranks on the search engines.

You could then chase the advertising dollar to put paying ads on your website or pay per click advertising, but truly you need thousands and thousands of visitors per month to make that anywhere near worthwhile.

Then you could approach tour operators and accommodation providers in the hope that they will grant you a freebie, but you need to be able to prove what benefit you can offer them. If your travel blog is new, then I'm afraid you have little chance.

OK, I could ramble on and on about the pros and cons of travel blogs, but I'll just cut to the chase with my suggestion that I believe rivals the hundreds of ongoing hours that you would have to put into a successful travel blog.

Suppliment your Travel Expenses.

Here my suggestion: Join a Survey company like Australia's #1 Members Only Online Competition Community (Great Sites) to make your travel $ go further. It's fun, and wont take up your whole day. You'll be free to go sightseeing and enjoy the country while you are here, at a hugely discounted rate.Great Sites has $15,000 to giveaway! Just complete a 5 minute online survey for your chance to win. Great Sites is free to join and you can win heaps of weekly prizes. Not only that, you get access via their website to hundreds of discounted tickets to your favourite attractions like, Darling Harbour Ferris Wheel, Paddle Board Hire, Ski and Snowboard Hire, Cinemas, Whale Watching Cruises, Accommodation, Meals etc etc etc.

Australia has a relatively small population which works in your favour. The odds of winning a prize is likely to be much, much higher than other countries with larger populations.

So that's my suggestion. Supplement your travel expenses and have fun at the same time.

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